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Each year when he was teaching, the late Randy Pausch, PhD - author of The Last Lecture and former professor at Carnegie Melon - gave out a "First Penguin" award to the biggest failure in trying something big and new, because he thought this should be celebrated. The idea was inspired by the First Penguins; the ones that risk their lives to jump into the water first, even though it might be filled with predators. However, they might also get first dibs on all the tasty fish in the ocean. Take the risk.

At DCM, we believe that the competitive edge belongs to those who are brave and like doing things differently. The edge belongs to those who ask 'why' and have the credibility to say 'no'. We have passion to drive our clients' businesses with ideas that truly make an impact. We understand that while digital is everything, not everything is digital; and more and more, our solutions will take the lessons we've learned from the digital world and bridge them back to the physical.

Let's discuss your technology needs and develop an IT infrastructure that will drive your business forward.
We were very pleased with the service and attention to detail we received from [DCM] as we recently upgraded computers and software in our office. We didn't miss any patient care time as they did the installation, and their follow up with any minor issues has been immediate. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a great IT partner!
- Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado; Gary M. Radz, DDS, FACE
They operate in a conscientious and thorough manner that is lost with many IT companies.
Horizon Wealth Management; Rick Shanley, Owner
I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. You are seriously just about the only vendor we work with that we know we can count on. You and your team made this move so smooth, I couldn't believe it. Here's to a lot more work together. We appreciate you guys very much.
- Midwest Equity Mortgage; Pete Gabrione, Managing Member
The work [DCM] did last week is first rate and we are very happy.
Spark Plug, Inc; Shane Hampton, CEO
It is a pleasure to write a reference letter for Adam and DCM Technology Solutions. DCM has been our IT service provider for many years and we can always count on their solid IT knowledge, forward thinking and proactive management approach to ensure our network and computer infrastructure are always taken care of. We have formed a great partnership with DCM Technology Solutions and look forward to working with Adam and his staff in the future.
- Hinsdale Dental, LLC; Dr. Michael A. Novak, DDS
Excellent work and very professional.
John Miklos, Certified Financial Planner
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Mike and his work here. I know we can be a pain with all our technology and issues, but he has done a great job and seems to go the extra mile. Thanks for all you guys do.
- Blue Sky Pediatric Dentistry; Jennifer L. Thompson, DDS
The staff of DCM are consistently able to respond quickly, explain the problem in non-technical terms when necessary, and are able to resolve issues with great efficiency.
Adventist Midwest Management Services; Pam Williams, CEO
Adam Kleyweg and DCM Technology Solutions have been providing IT services to our office since April 2011. They provide reliable service, respond quickly to "emergency" IT issues, and persevere until the issue is resolved. Their positive attitude, aptitude in many different types of IT issues (Network set up, administration, network and security administration, implementation and installation of new software, hardware and part replacements, and telephone integration to network), and reliability make them the best IT provider we have ever had.
- Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel; Lindy Frolich, Director
Your ability to staff our needs with high quality technicians on extremely short notice made the project a huge success.
Office Max Solutions; Ron Cherry
I can't say enough about how much we like working with DCM. They know what they are doing and helped us re-work and create a network we can trust and rely on. They keep our two offices connected. If we ever have service issues they have always helped us solve them immediately. Without computers we can't practice dentistry and DCM keeps us up and running.
- Metropolitan Dental Care; Dr. Steve Law
I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to yourself and your team. Without your diligence and willingness to try every theory we threw at you, we would have never been able to reach a resolution to the doctor's issues. This has been a long, sometimes painful, process, but I am happy we have finally found the right recipe for success. Please don't hesitate to contact me in the future should anything arise. Again, thank you Adam.
- Patterson Technology Center; Greg Stewart, Digital Product Support Manager