Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we collect, use and disclose data that may identify an individual. This data may be collected directly from the individual, or from other third parties.

Under both circumstances, consent for collection, use and disclosure of personal data is obtained from the individual unless it falls under the exception to consent obligations as described in the Second, Third and Fourth Schedule under the Personal Data Protection Act.

We collect, use and disclose personal data only for purposes the individual has been notified about – purposes deemed to be reasonable or in circumstances specified in the Second, Third and Fourth Schedule.

Typically, we may collect, use and disclose personal data for the company’s marketing purposes only. This data is collected to better contact you with targeted marketing opportunities that best fit your organizational needs. We never resell or share any data collected by our company to any organization or individual person outside of our company.

We take the protection of personal data we collect and/or under our care very seriously. We maintain safe technical measures, practices, and policies when handling personal data to safeguard the data from unauthorized access, improper uses or disclosure or similar risks.

We comply to the Access and Correction obligation under Section 21 & 22 of the Personal Data Protection Act. Should an individual who has his/her personal data under our care wish to access the data on our platform, the request can be satisfied with no access fees involved. In the event any inaccuracies are discovered, amendments can be made to the personal data on their behalf.